Krystal Miller

Krystal Miller, LMSW

Krystal Miller, LMSW, CMHIMP, CYT, TCYM. Speaking, for Krystal, is about creating community and building those connections through mutual learning. Being a speaker is not only about imparting knowledge as a perceived expert but by pairing theoretical practice to the experiential knowledge of our everyday stories.

In her almost 10 years in the field of mental health, Krystal recognized the need for something more than book smarts. Her own healing journey led her to completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training including a Trauma Conscious Yoga approach as well as becoming certified in Integrative medicine during the height of a global pandemic. What this experience solidified for her was that healing is not about one size fits all, it is figuring out the one size that fits you. It is with this lens that Krystal curates community conversation based on the participants and their needs.

Speaking is important to Krystal because she has seen how communities suffer when conversations don't happen. Therefore, the goal is to break these stigmas of mental wellness. By the conclusions of these conversations, the goal is for participants to feel as if they have the power and tools needed to sit taller and breathe lighter.

In staying aligned with her personal push for healing generational cycles, the following topics are of the utmost importance to her: Self Care, stress management, restorative conversations, boundaries setting, tackling imposter syndrome, family dynamics, adolescent development in the new millennium, Stress and trauma in the body, Race Based trauma and healing.

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

2020 Pace Runs Forever "It takes a village" Mental Health Panel (Facilitator)

2020 Queens Pace "Crowns Up" Mental Health Panel (Facilitator)

2019 A Whole You Conference "Breaking Generational Cycles"

2019 Table of Plen-Tea "Cup of Self Care Ft. Krystal"

2019 What's Really Good "Wellness Feat. Jason Marshall, Brent Birkhead and Krystal Miller"

2019 United Federation of Teachers "The 'S' on my chest. Remove the Cape, Remove the Mask: Redefining the Black Superwoman"

Due to the nature of her work, Krystal prefers intimate conversations over large venues.

Krystal Miller, LMSW

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