Nina YasminTarabus

Nina Yasmin Tarabus, LMSW

Nina Yasmin Tarabus is a LMSW, survivor, mother, Tarot reader and host/ producer of the Lunita podcast. She has a passion for giving a voice to BIPOC womyn and particularly new mothers. Being a speaker is about more than just talking, but about giving a voice to those who have been silenced. It is about ending stigmas, breaking cycles and normalizing taboo topics such as postpartum depression and psychedelic healing.

Growing up raised partially by Turkish immigrants Nina was often encouraged to speak on behalf of family members. It was quite common for young Nina to speak for her beloved grandmother who was a stay-at-home mother and wife and at times insecure about her thick accent.

Nina learned at a young age that language and confidence is a powerful weapon that both affords some the ability to be heard, while at the same time silencing others into submission and oppression. Too often those being silenced are womyn. For that reason alone, Nina is honored to use her voice.

Nina's interest as a speaker was encouraged at a young age and over the years she has worked in a multitude of settings as a talk therapist predominant with womyn and mothers across NYC to offer support, guidance, compassion, and an ear.

Speaking is important because it represents the freedom to express ideas, thoughts, and dreams. It also is a privilege to be heard that should never go unappreciated.

Nina is passionate about working with people of all walks of life but in particular new mothers and the silent struggles many face during the postpartum period otherwise known as the 4th trimester. In addition, Nina is passionate about psychedelic therapy as a sacred and profound opportunity to heal trauma. Nina believes that we are among the cusp of a psychedelic renaissance and that plant medicine will soon be the new gold standard in the mental health profession. Furthermore, she believes it is a birth right for every BIPOC person to heal from traumas both lived and inter-generational.

Nina is the co-host/producer (with her husband) of the podcast Lunita where they frequently speak about psychedelic healing, the challenges of parenting and the metaphysical. In addition, she is the former director of mental health services for Black Women's Blueprint and assisted with facilitating the 2018 March for Black Women (to end and raise awareness to sexual assault and violence against all womyn) in both NYC and Washington DC.

It is Nina's greatest dream in life to give a TED talk on psychedelic healing for mothers with postpartum depression.

Nina has worked as a social worker in NYC for close to ten years. Thought out that time she has worked in a wide range of settings from psychiatric hospitals to women's shelters. She continues to devote her time, energy, love and compassion to the womyn of NYC and beyond who remain the backbone of society and her personal motivation. She speaks on behalf of womyn across the world who suffer in silence, for her daughter, her mother and her beloved grandmother.

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