Are you a therapist that wants to start a private practice? 

Are you a masters level counselor, social worker, marriage and family therapist or other mental health professional that wants to start or is struggling with challenges in your private practice? Maybe you have a doctorate or mental health in the field. 

Do you worry about:

  • Having a solid reliable income?
  • Whether or not you can actually build a private practice that is thriving and successful? 
  • Not having support, guidance or direction to build a thriving private practice? 
  • Have you considered adding Professional Speaking to diversify your income or expand your vision?

Well, I would like to send you my free PDF book " Professional Speaking for the Therapist" to help you get started. 

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My name is Amira Martin, LCSW-R, I am a licensed clinical social worker. I started a company called MA Therapy in 2011. Just like you, I was working in the field but was not completely satisfied. I accomplished so much considering my extremely humble beginnings. A former teen mom who dealt with so many social, emotional and economic struggles growing up....I had made it! I had a masters degree in social work, was fully licensed, trained, retrained and over trained and climbed the ladder with strong footing. 

But I realized I was not satisfied because my income was too modest and I yearned to work individually with clients providing therapy, which was why I went into the field. And boy has it paid off! My company, MA Therapy, LLC is highly successful. I have about 60 providers working for me, I have a professional speaking division and a private practice coaching division of my company in addition to providing therapy. All of this because I took a chance on myself!

I can help you start your private practice, or at least begin to plan to diversify your current income with Professional Speaking. 

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Amira Martin, LCSW-R
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